We're glad you're here!

At Faith Alive Ministries, we're eager to show others the love of Jesus, because He first loved us! What does that mean for you? Well, we'd love for you to consider getting involved. Here's some FAQs for the new folks:

What do you do? Good question! God has called us to first care for widows and orphans, then to help those who are broken (think single moms, or the lonely and hurting). We have been partnering with an orphanage in India ran by Pastor E (since 2020). They currently have 32 children! And as far as widows, we partner with local churches, organizations, families, and individuals to help take care of practical needs like grocery deliver, yard work, etc. We also host monthly meetings and gatherings with our local widows so that they have support emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We believe in making a difference locally and internationally, so if you know of a need that fits our mission, reach out!

How can I help? Most importantly, we believe in the power of prayer. Prayer is the key element to the success of our ministry. A deep, abiding relationship between you and God is the most world-changing thing you can invest in.

What else? You can become a part of our online volunteer network on social media! This is where we post volunteer opportunities in Stanly County. Check it out here!!

How can I help financially? That's simple. You can donate to the ministry if you'd like to with a one time gift, you can sponsor a child, or you can become a monthly supporter. If you have questions about what that looks like, e-mail us at FaithAliveMinistries217@gmail.com. We're so grateful for your help in furthering the Kingdom.